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Manufactured by: UUC Motorwerks
Website: www.uucmotorwerks.com
Application: E46 M3 and most other BMW's - Direct Replacement

Looking to spruce up the interior of your M3? Thinking about adding something shiny and bright? I was, so I purchased a UUC Motorwerks Aluminum E-Brake Handle and here's the review.

The UUC e-brake handle is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The piece is polished to a low luster. A UUC Motorwerks logo is engraved in the top of the handle.

I was really not impressed by the quality of the finish on this piece. I had always had good luck with UUC finishes but this item is a bit below par. Machining marks are obvious and the finish is uneven (see images). If I had paid $20 for this I would have been blissfully happy but for $80+ I had expected better.

The Installation: This is a direct replacement for the stock handle and the stock boot is reused without modification. The only difficult part of the procedure is the removal of the stock e-brake handle which requires either a good bit of elbow grease or a sharp knife - the sharp knife method has the obvious consequences of destroying the stock handle. The UUC piece is secured to the e-brake via a single set screw locatedc at the back of the handle that seems to do the job admirably.

The Ergonomics, etc: The UUC e-brake handle fits well in the hand. This handle feel a little fatter than stock (which I think is a good thing). When properly positioned, accessing the release button is easy and comfortable. The biggest bitch I have about use applies to any metal interior part. Metal gets both hot and cold. When its cold, its really cold and when its hot, its really hot. UUC actually recommends hanging a hat on their metal controls, at this rate my interior would look like a hat factory - no thanks.

Should you buy this item? Honestly, its over priced for what you get. The finish is not great, especially when compared to the Rob Knob III I also purchased from UUC. Also, UUC should have filled in the engraved logo (easily fixed with a Sharpie!). Like all metal controls, this handle is greatly affected by the temperature. Ever grab a piece of metal with bare hands in the middle of winter - you probably get the point.

Hope this has been at least somewhat helpful…


Close Up of Finish

Installed UUC E-Brake

All UUC Al Look

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