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Thanks to the all-knowing folks at US DOT, BMW had to install orange reflectors at the sides of E46 M3 bumpers. If the car had orange side markers, etc this may be OK but since all of the other lights are either clear or red, the orange reflectors stick out like a sore thumb. This is obviously a matter of personal preference but to me the orange reflectors look like hell - especially on my LSB.

I would be remiss to not mention that orange reflectors are required by law and that replacing them with clear or body color painted versions is against the law. Now, I feel better.

I originally tried a set of clear reflectors (white) from BimmerToys.com. These set me back around $40 and broke on installation. The quality of the clear reflectors is atrocious. While some guys have had good luck installing them, the majority seem to have broken them as I did. These are some sort of a Taiwanese import that is poorly molded and much thinner than the stock version they replace. The fit is more than questionable as well.

So having broken the clear reflectors and still hating the orange ones my options were reduced to the body colored version. I originally ordered these from EvoSport.com but gave up after waiting 5 weeks. I placed an order with Bimmian.com and received them in around a week.

The reflectors I received appear to be painted OEM orange reflectors - this is a good thing. Upon initial inspection I noticed that there appeared to be an almost metallic appearance to the finish - kind of odd since my car is Laguna Seca Blue, a non metallic color. The flake is quite visible up on close inspection. The paint is also seems to have a bit of a teal tint to it. Again, its subtle but its there (see image).

Having now had the opportunity to speak with other Bimmian painted reflector owners and having seen a few other cars with them installed I've come to the conclusion that the miss-match on color on my set is not the exception but rather the rule. Other LSB owners have the same color complaint. I've seen Ti Silvers that do not match and have heard from owners of other colors with the same complaint. Apparently Jet Black match pretty well but I guess even this gang that apparently can't shoot straight can't screw up black.

I would have returned these but having gone through the hassle of returning another product and being asked to pay a 10% restocking fee (what a way to do business) I decided that it was not worth my time. I guess the question is "how bloody hard would it be to just use factory paint to paint a $4 reflector that you charge $60 for?".......... One of these days I will get around to ordering a set from EvoSport.com and hopefully post good results with their version.

Hope this has been at least somewhat helpful…

Bimmian Painted Reflectors (LSB)

Color Slightly Off

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